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Be able to build your startup idea

without hiring programmers or finding a tech co-founder

without prior startup or tech experience

without large upfront costs or investment

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Join our academy and learn how to

1. Generate startup ideas

And choose the best opportunity

2. Test & Validate demand

With actionable frameworks

3. Build your first MVP

With no-code tools (drag-and-drop builders)

4. Launch your business

Quickly and cost-effectively

Save time and money with a proven process and actionable steps.

Caitlin Carey

Amazing! I'm really enjoying the program and have seen lots of progress. Thank you for all the great content and support. What a great community!

Caitlin Carey

Founder and CEO - WeAreNoCode Student

We are an educational platform that combines the best of Entrepreneurship and No-Code to empower non-technical entrepreneurs globally

Inside our platform you will have access to all the resources you need to go from zero to one

Entrepreneurship Courses

Guiding you step-by-step through the whole process

No-Code Courses

Teaching you how to build apps and websites click-by-click

Founder Community

To connect and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs

Live Learning Sessions

To learn from experts in each field of expertise you need

Networking Events

To build meaningful relationships with other founders

Tool Directory

Guiding you towards the right no-code tools for your goal

Templates & Frameworks

To speed up your journey and encourage action

Perks and Discounts

To save money on startup software and no-code tools

Certificate of completion

To show off your skills and increase your credibility

Trusted by founders from organizations around the world

Are you ready to become a self-reliant entrepreneur?

Join our global community of no-code founders today

Access multiple courses in one unique learning environment

Our step-by-step curriculum will teach you how to go from zero to launch without technical skills or previous experience.

Our awesome features

Entrepreneurship Courses

Learn the solid foundation you need to launch any business idea from scratch.

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No-Code Courses and Tutorials

Learn the foundation to build your own apps and websites with no-code tools.

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Our awesome features

* Course material is regularly updated and new releases will be included for all members. Some courses may be still under development.

Courses + Community + Networking + LIVE Learning + Tools Repository + Frameworks + Perks and Discounts

We've created the perfect environment for you combining entrepreneurship, no-code and community

Global Founder Community

Learn together with other founders like you

LIVE Learning Sessions

Participate and learn with experts in the field

+5K in Perks & Discounts

Save money with no-code tools and resources

Our awesome features

This is the perfect platform & community for you if

You are a first-time entrepreneur You are a non-technical entrepreneur You want to learn how to come up with business ideas You have a business idea but don’t know how to get started You want to learn how to validate your business ideas quickly You want to learn how to build apps, websites and MVPs without coding You tried before but failed or got stuck You want to save time and money along your startup journey You want help and guidance from experts with real-world startup experience You want to learn together with other like-minded founders You want to build your business and get first paying customers

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This is what your startup journey will look like

On average this launch process takes between 4-6 months for someone working 2-3 hours a week. However, if your time commitment is larger or you already have an idea, it will be faster. The key is to take action with the knowledge you get and make it happen!


Join our global community of founders today

Learn how to get started and build your dream business from scratch

Build it yourself

Without depending on expensive programmers

Launch it quickly

Following our step-by-step process

Get paying customers

Without prior experience in sales

It is time to take action and get started!

Join our global founder community today. Learn No-Code and Entrepreneurship.

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  • Networking Events
  • Tool Directory
  • Templates & Frameworks
  • Certificate of completion
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  • All No-Code Courses and Tutorials
  • Live Learning Sessions
  • 5K No-Code Tools and Software Discounts
  • Full Community Access
  • Networking Events
  • Tool Directory
  • Templates & Frameworks
  • Certificate of completion
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Gavin StGeorges

The program is very well structured, and the community, incredibly supportive. Being able to talk one-on-one with the founders has been amazing. It made launching so much easier and I now have paying customers.

Gavin StGeorges

Entrepreneur - WeAreNoCode Student

Who are we? WeAreNoCode. Nice to meet you!

Our mission is is to help people build the business of their dreams by teaching them actionable entrepreneurship and powerful no-code skills. We have now trained over 450 founders from 23 countries and from that experience know one thing for sure. Entrepreneurship can be learned by anyone. The only problem is that most people lack startup experience and don’t have the technical skills or money to build their app or website. This is why we created the WeAreNoCode Academy. An educational platform and community for entrepreneurs to learn how to build and test their ideas quickly with no-code and launch their businesses cost-effectively. We combine proven startup methodology and no-code tools to enable entrepreneurs to reach their goal without spending too much time or money on trial and error.

In a world where every opportunity requires digital skills, we transform idea people into self-reliant founders of the future. We believe anyone can build digital products without learning how to code. We believe anyone can launch their business from scratch, without prior experience. We believe anyone can learn how to get their first sales without experience. Welcome to the WeAreNoCode! We are people like you, we are founders of the future, we are the new generation of entrepreneurs, makers, builders. So if you want to finally transform your ideas into reality, join us. Let's goo!

Christian Peverelli

Serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with over 12 years experience building startups, running accelerators and consulting for fortune 500 companies and celebrities. Served as the co-director of a startup program that has helped over 100 startups go on to raise over 40M in funding and get into accelerators like Techstars, YCombinator and 500 Startups.

Christian Peverelli

Co-Founder and CEO

Caio Calderari

More than 15 years of experience building digital products, specialized in Design (UX/UI) and No-Code tools. Worked for small, medium and enterprise corporations building a diverse kind of products, SaaS, MVPs and prototypes as a Designer and as Product Manager. Founder of a few startups and side projects using No-Code tools. No-Code Mentor and Youtube content creator.

Caio Calderari

Chief No-Code Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers!

No, this is a full learning platform and community. Your subscription includes access to multiple courses, live learning sessions, a tool directory, discounts, networking events and more. When signing up you will have access to all the items listed on this page. Join our powerful community of like-minded builders.

Our learning platform is accessible for all budgets. We charge $29 per month paid annually ( 30% off) or $49 per month paid monthly.

No-code, or visual programming is a new way of building apps, web-apps and websites without writing code or understanding coding language. It is a set of tools that allows non-techies to build software using visual drag-and-drop builders with a Lego-like building experience. Think of it like a PowerPoint for building apps. It’s much more user-friendly and can be learned in a matter of weeks or months. Yes even if you are a total beginner :)

Yes! We focus on helping people go from zero to one. No technical skills or startup experience needed.

2-5 hours a week is what we recommend, but some members choose to put in more time. The more effort you put in the more you will get from it. What is important is to stay consistent.

Yes! We’re so confident that our academy is a powerful and effective way for founders to launch their business that we have a 14-day money back guarantee. If you’re finding that it isn’t a fit or isn’t working for you, you have 14 days to request a full refund.

The courses are pre-recorded and self-paced, meaning you can watch them at your own pace. We also have live learning sessions and networking events that happen on a monthly basis.

You can cancel any plan at any time. Monthly plans can be canceled at any moment, and your access will remain active until the end of the 1 month period. Annual plans can be canceled at any moment, and your access will remain active until the end of the 12 month period.

You will be charged immediately after signing up for both plans (annual and monthly).

Feel free to contact us at any time here. The link is down below or access: https://www.wearenocode.com/contact

The WeAreNoCode Academy and The No-Code Startup are different products. The No-Code Startup program costs $2k and is an application-based program with coaching and support. This platform is open to enroll and has a more affordable pricing, it is a do-it-yourself platform. For more information check https://www.wearenocode.com